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Vox Veritas Digital, a leading consultancy founded in 2016, specializes in helping digital leaders effectively orchestrate digital assets with enterprise data, and build smarter marketing technology stacks. With expertise in Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Marketing Technology (MarTech), we provide an essential voice of truth and realism, steering clear of hype. Our consultancy assists digital visionaries at many of the world’s leading brands, agencies, and cultural organizations in leveraging the full capabilities of content management and MarTech tools. We ensure you receive objective advice on how technology such as DAM and PIM systems can help actualize your ideas. We meticulously evaluate your current state, and through collaborative efforts, we map out a practical path to success.


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What we do

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DAM Strategy
& Market Intelligence

We’re the world’s leading experts in the Digital & Media Asset Management software market, having researched, tested, and/or implemented 60+ DAM tools since 1999. We’ll help you establish a future-state DAM roadmap, navigate the marketplace options and guide you  towards your ideal future.

DAM PIM MarTech Consultants, What we do
Technology Selection

Our team has led or advised on over 500 MarTech selection projects in the last 20+ years – both on the buyer side and on behalf of software companies. We’ve written, improved, or responded to hundreds of RFPs – we know what works and what doesn’t, how to negotiate, and how to create and set up technology vendor and service provider partnerships for success.

DAM PIM MarTech Consultants, What we do
MarTech Ecosystem Planning

With deep expertise in DAM, Marketing Resource Management (MRM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Web Content Management (CMS), we develop strategies to ensure these technologies have full impact and play their vital roles in digital transformation. We outline best practice to ensure your systems stop operating in silos, creating plans for an interconnected marketing technology ecosystem.

DAM PIM MarTech Consultants, What we do
Data Design & Orchestration

Data alignment and orchestration across the enterprise are some of the biggest challenges we face. We work with you to orchestrate data and assets, plan data pipelines, and determine opportunities for automation.

DAM within the MarTech Ecosystem

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Our clients

We have worked with hundreds of global brands, system integrators, service providers, and technology vendors over the course of our careers, as employees, consultants, executive advisors, board members, and sales engineers. We’ve worked most recently with:

Art Fund Case Study

For the UK’s largest art charity, we evaluated technology, skillsets, content management, and process using a custom maturity model developed for cultural heritage, and then collaborated with the senior management team to create a digital strategy. Share your details to access the case study.

DAM PIM MarTech Consultants, Art Fund Case Study

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Knowledge Base

We have a selection of papers authored by us about marketing applications within the MarTech stack, digital experience platforms, integrated content management and product information management. Soon we’ll be expanding our knowledge base, and we’ll send you a message when we do.

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