Nicholas Alabaster

Director of Business Development and Operations

Nick has 30 years of experience in software engineering, system procurement, consulting, and relationship management. With a background in complex financial systems and data, he can quickly unpick and explain the inner workings of software and tools. He now specializes in software procurement and business development for Vox Veritas Digital, advising clients on RFP development, complex licensing agreements, services contracts, vendor pitches, software demonstrations, and product development.

In addition to his fast-growing knowledge of MarTech, Nick has a detailed understanding of the “other” popular digital assets of our time, including crypto, investment theory and practice, financial risk management, performance attribution, statistical approaches, business forecasting, and macro-economic modelling.

Nick engages with clients and prospects with a deep understanding of product development and implementation, creating a richer understanding of business drivers for generating constructive dialogue and better results. He is based in Greenwich, London, and is an award-winning long-distance open water swimmer and Ironman.

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